About Boundless Notions

We are a small consultancy, based out of the Boston area in Massachusetts, that offers solutions tailored to fit our client’s specific needs. We have worked successfully with clients in all corners of the U.S. on various projects.
We have experience with a vast array of technologies and platforms, allowing us to quickly and easily adapt to the needs of our customers.

About The Owner

Tobias Macey
Tobias is an engineer with experience in many disciplines. He has worked at various times as a systems administrator, a software engineer, a systems engineer, an Android developer and a data engineer. In the course of filling these various roles he has gained experience in Python, Django, Flask, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, jQuery, Bash, SaltStack, Linux administration and a whole array of other technologies too numerous to mention. If he isn’t working hard to make a client happy then he is likely to be found researching a new technology to add to his arsenal. He maintains a blog at renaissancedev.com and hosts Podcast.__init__ and the Data Engineering Podcast.