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Venture Capital Advisement

The growth and adoption of technical and organizational approaches to data and machine learning are in constant flux. We are deeply embedded in this ecosystem through a combination of deep technical work in the field, and detailed interviews with the engineers, organizations, and startups who are shaping the market. Let us help you make sense of the opportunities and accelerate your due diligence on potential investments.

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Technical Architecture Design And Review

Are you struggling to understand how to evolve your existing systems? Do you want to build new capabilities but you don't know what technologies to use, or even what is available? We have spent thousands of hours on designing, building, and managing complex software systems, coupled with hundreds of hours interviewing the creators of the innovative technologies that power the current era of software and data systems. Let us help you navigate the murky depths of your technology stack. 

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Our Podcasts

Detailed weekly explorations of the technology and practice of data engineering at every scale.

Everything that you need to go from idea to production with machine learning.

The podcast about Python and the people who make it great!

What Every Data Engineer Should Know

Data engineering is one of the fastest growing roles in the technology sector. With the rapid pace of change in the technology landscape around data it is important that practitioners understand the fundamental principles of their work. With valuable insights on the engineering and business concepts that are necessary to succeed in the field, this book is a must-read for every new and seasoned data engineer.

Tobias Macey, the founder and Chief Technical Advisor of Boundless Notions, LLC. compiled, contributed to, and edited this book with the team at O'Reilly Media. Find out more and order your own copy today!